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Lindsay, 25 ish

“Although I have only been training under Philly’s guidance for a short time, her attention to detail and the care that she has shown in targeting my programme to specific areas has resulted in an immediate improvement in my overall fitness and gradual difference in my body tone and shape. Philly has changed the way I look at exercise and nutrition. I have managed to lose body fat without any extreme, faddy dieting and my shape is changing by the week. Philly is patient and hard working and I always look forward to our sessions, knowing that I will work hard and see the results.”

Charlotte, 30 ish

“Thank you so much for all your advice, help and support! You offer a very professional service, and with all your help, you have given me my confidence and motivation back, and have provided me with a fitness regime that suits me. I would highly recommend Yummi Scrummi to anyone, and I would also like to state that for me, you have definitely put the “FUN” element back into fitness!”

Kerry, 30 ish

"I wanted to find someone who would motivate me to get fit and stay fit and Yummi Scrummi seemed the perfect option! I have rheumatoid arthritis and need to be careful with which type of exercise I do. I can’t put too much pressure on joints, but it’s important to keep them moving… Philly did a great job of making me feel comfortable. We did an easy warm up together leading in to some of the more aerobic exercises and some light weights. She was very aware of my condition and constantly asking if I was coping with the exercises, adapting ones that I could not do with similar styles that did not put pressure on painful joints. Without me realising 45 mins had passed and I had actually enjoyed doing exercise! I felt really invigorated afterwards and Philly gave me a sheet some exercises I can easily do at home until we have our next session. I am actually look forward to doing the exercises now and am feeling the benefits already, and because I know Philly will be checking, it motivates me to do them too!"

Rachel, 30 ish

"I contacted Philly at Yummi Scrummi following a hamstring injury. I had very limited movement and could not run. She was very professional, knowledgeable and above all I was able to compete in a 10k after the 3rd massage completely pain-free. I was also emailed information on hamstring injuries which was extremely helpful. I would highly recommend Philly for sports massages."

Becky, 35 ish

“As an already regular exerciser I felt stuck in a rut. I contacted Philly because I needed that extra push, motivation and adaptation to take me a step further and get me out of my old ways. Philly has done exactly that, constantly introducing new exercises, challenging me in different ways and pushing me far more than I would ever push myself.”

Lorna, 40 ish

“With summer only a few months away, I approached Philly as an unfit and unhappy lady but really wanting to make that change. Training with Philly has been hard work but so, so, so worth it. My clothes are looser, my body more toned and my shape changing and improving all the time. I know I just need to keep up my good work on the nutrition side of things too!”

Nicky, 40 ish

“Since starting personal training sessions with Philly in January, I have cursed, moaned, whinged, bitched and even cried and yet Philly has remained steadfast throughout. The service she offers is challenging, motivational and above all consistent. She will not let you off the hook and yet she does not bellow like a sergeant major. I feel fitter, have increased my stamina and gained a lot more strength, and feel on course to reaching my goals.“

Andree, 50 ish

"As I have not done any exercise for several years, I needed to find someone to help me get back on track. A gradual but steady process we power walk, talk, do strengthening exercises and work on my core and abs which I can feel a huge difference already. I have found Philly to be extremely motivating, inspiring and sympathetic to my needs. Philly is very punctual, reliable and has become a real friend.”

Jo, 60 ish

“After a lot of persuasion and encouragement from Philly, I attended my first Yummi Scrummi Shape & Tone class at my local village hall back in January and am now a regular every single week. Philly pushes and motivates but never exceeds boundaries. She caters for ailments and injuries as well as age, adapting exercises to suit! I really look forward to my Tuesday morning class and hate it if I ever have to miss one.”

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