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Interview with Exclusively Magazine"Time to get Yummi Scrummi"

With summer looming, Louise O’Loughlin talks to personal trainer Philly Clark about how to get into shape

With summer just around the corner, it’s time to shape up. Every time I join a gym my membership seems only to last a couple of weeks. I easily get bored and I’m not keen at being ogled at. So the idea of someone coming to my home, to take me through a work out in my own time, seemed the perfect thought. First step - find a personal trainer.

With so many personal trainers around it was a task to find one that suited me. There is nothing better than a positive recommendation so after a friend told me about Yummi Scrummi I was keen to see what it could offer me that others couldn't.

Yummi Scrummi, founded and run by Philly Clark, specialises in weight loss, toning, shaping, general fitness, massage and nutrition. It soon became clear that Philly is in tune with how I'm feeling and, although she works with couples, she focuses on women.

All the boxes are ticked. It was time to adjust the Lycra, suck in the abs and bring in Philly. The venue would be either my home, her home or the park. I concluded my Lycra should remain within my four walls! Philly's initial visit was a free consultation which is offered to all potential clients. This visit consisted of a questionnaire about my health, nutrition and lifestyle to enable Philly to put together a programme specifically tailored to my requirements.

Philly's professionalism, warmth and approachability allowed me to open up to her and tell her things even my closest friends aren't privy to - including my weight. I am assured all the details given are confidential. Philly took my blood pressure, measured my resting heart rate and measured my fat mass with the option of measuring tape or callipers. I am serious about reaching my goals so was happy to oblige. We talked about me for at least an hour after which Philly had a clear idea of the problem areas, what I liked and disliked about my current lifestyle and, most important, what I wanted to achieve.

It was educational and her enthusiasm inspired me, as did her toned and shapely figure devoid of the horrors of orange peel. So without wasting time I arranged for my first session.

Philly, who had previously held a high-flying position in global marketing, always had a passion for fitness. She decided to break away from a successful career and set up Yummi Scrummi. She realised women find it difficult to make the first move to fitness and knew this was an area in which she could use her expertise.

Philly, who is highly trained and is fully qualified as a personal trainer and also a specialist in nutritional advice and sports massage, said:

“Gyms can often be intimidating and threatening if you are new to exercise. I give you the opportunity to work out in the comfort of your own home at a time that suits you."

“When people go to gyms or classes they can hide and lie to themselves about how hard they are working. More seriously, they can injure themselves because they have not been taught the correct techniques, or if they have, they may have forgotten them "

“With motivation and encouragement, we will work together to progress your fitness to the next level and meet your goals.”

A few days later, Philly arrived armed with step box, weights, stability ball and a radiant smile. We began our warm up. This was my idea of fun. A stroll!

I was fitted with a heart rate monitor which showed that my heart rate had sped up when she had stepped up the pace. I hadn't even realised as we had been merrily chatting.

I was feeling really good about myself. I realised I was having some ‘me time’, although I never thought ‘me time’ would involve working out. Back home ready for the next phase, we covered all body areas starting with my arms, shoulders and chest, moving down to my hips, bum and tum. I soon realised I had muscles I never knew existed.

Through every stage Philly explained what muscles we were targeting, and why, guiding me through each exercise. Philly pushed me but none of the session was unmanageable. It was actually a pleasure. I felt amazing afterwards and my endorphins well and truly boosted. I really did feel a revived sense of energy and felt ready to deal with the rest of the day.

So what sets Yummi Scrummi apart? “Whatever your age, fitness or ability, I give you the chance to get some ‘me time’ whilst having a fun time,” said Philly

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