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21st December 2007

YUMMI Scrummi is offering a total body conditioning and fitness solution for real women, with real lives, real parties to go to and real cravings for chocolate.
It is also ideal for those who simply want to look gorgeous for their wedding day, great for the beach and fab for everyday life.

Yummi Scrummi’s speciality lies in weight loss, body toning, massage and nutrition targeted specifically at today’s busy women. Its mission is simple; to keep women feeling totally energised and seriously fit. Yummi Scrummi is dedicated to providing a personal service that specifically caters to a woman’s needs when it comes to a happy and healthy lifestyle, fitness and health wise.

Philly Clark, the founder of Yummi Scrummi, said: “Nowadays women lead such busy lives. In between work, seeing friends, being a girlfriend, wife, mother, or even grandmother, exactly when do us hunnis get the chance for some important ‘me time’?

“Our dedicated personal trainers, nutritional advisers and sports masseurs will work alongside you on a one-to-one basis, indoors, outdoors or in the comfort of your own home, to provide a perfectly tailored action and relaxation plan that is, most importantly, enjoyable to do.”

Forget fad diets and harsh regimes that never work, kick start 2008 with Yummi Scrummi and take the first steps to becoming one happy, healthy hunni. More details on 0777 151 3232.

For more information please contact: Philly on 0777 151 3232, or e-mail philly@yummiscrummi.

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