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1st February 2008

GET YUMMI and feel Scrummi with our top tips for becoming a ski bunni.

Skiing is physically demanding. These exercises at home will strengthen muscles especially those behind the knee, thus making you a stronger skier with reduced risk of injury on the slopes… so all you’ll need to worry about is which outfit to wear!

After the all-important warm-up stretches, do something to get the heart pumping for 30 minutes, five times a week such as a brisk walk with hand-weights, a jog in the park or as fitness levels increase, try interval training alternating jogging with sprinting every two minutes.

Stand feet hip width apart, knees slightly bent, squat down pushing your weight into the back of your heels until your knees are at right angles and push back up to standing without locking your knees. 15 times x three sets with a pause in between.

Step forwards about one stride length from the back foot, making sure your leading knee doesn’t bend forwards over your toes. Push back off the leading leg to return to the start position. 15 times each leg x three sets with pause

On the stairs at home, or in the park, stand facing a step or stair, step up with one foot, placing your whole foot on the step, back straight, step up with your other foot so both feet are flat on the step, step down one foot at a time. 15 times x three with pause

Side arm raise
Stand feet hip width apart, knees slightly bent, holding weights with palms facing inwards, slowly raise your arms away from your sides, elbows slightly bent, until your hands are at shoulder level and slowly lower down. 15 times x three sets with pause.

Basic crunch
On your back, knees bent, feet flat on the floor, fingers to temples, tense your abs and slowly curl up keeping your lower back into the floor, breathing out as you lift and in as you lower, with a space the size of an apple under your chin. 15 times x three sets with pause.

Finally, when on the slopes, a good hearty breakfast such as porridge with raisins and a drizzle of honey will keep you fuelled for longer…well…at least until lunch Yummi Scrummi is the new name in personal training, deep massage and nutritional advice specifically for women, who want to feel totally energised and seriously fit.

For more information please contact: Philly on 0777 151 3232, or e-mail philly@yummiscrummi.

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