Personal Training

What's it all about?


“A complete state of mental, physical and social well-being, not merely the absence of disease.” World Health Organisation

We all want to feel fit and healthy but what exactly does this mean and how can we transfer it into real life?

Aerobic and anaerobic Fitness

Betty felt totally energised and seriously fitMany women struggle with fat loss due to ineffective exercises, or programmes, but also to a lack of knowledge or realisation regarding their daily calorie consumption. Yes…calories are the culprits! We will address your daily needs and give you simple yet effective plans which, in turn with the exercise programme we set, will get you losing those inches! Whether your goal is sustained weight loss, toning, increased muscle mass, general health and fitness or a GP Health related condition, the Personal Trainers at Yummi Scrummi can help you achieve results!

Muscular strength and endurance

No, we’re not talking the female equivalent of Popeye, or the next female body builder (unless that’s your goal of course) but we are implying that women of any age will benefit from a well-planned strength training programme. Strength development is necessary for optimal structural health and has been associated with PMA…not to be mistaken for PMT…but a Positive Mental Attitude. Many day-to-day activities such as shopping and carrying children require a minimum level of strength.

Strength training will:

  • Enhance joint stability meaning that the risk for injury will be reduced. Just imagine if you couldn’t dance in a nightclub on Saturday due to a twisted ankle
  • Increase lean body mass as weight training decreases body fat and increases fat free weight in women – YES YES YES!
  • Increase bone strength and density to help prevent bone diseases such as osteoporosis
  • Improve body image and self-perception giving confidence, feeling healthier, and more positive, with the WOW factor back and better than ever
  • Improve posture through appropriate stretching and strengthening exercises, walk with head held high into a room, but be warned of wolf whistles!

Rita & Rose tightened their core and held their legs 
high and proud...because 
they could.Proprioception, balance,

High heels, balancing the kids on one arm, shopping on the other arm, an umbrella in one hand, car keys in the other…what are we…a human walking octopus?! Every day we need the skills to balance, co-ordinate and multi-task. Yummi Scrummi will help you fire up those motor skills to cope with the most demanding of days.

Core strength

A tight, toned tummi for one truly hot Hunni…need we say anymore than that! We’ll help you develop a strong and stable core, strengthening back muscles, to keep you in the fittest of conditions. You won’t look back…but you might be able to do a back bend!


Deep Massage