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Every single day

Getting dressed in the morning. Walking down the street. Sitting at your office desk. Eating in your favourite restaurant. Every day we have to have energy to deal with every day life. Every body is different. Your body, at different times, needs different things. If you are exercising heavily the demands on the body are different. Everyone is different and needs individual diet and lifestyle advice. Your priorities depend on your body and your circumstances and your body is constantly trying to adapt to your environment, your lifestyle and your diet. Often, it could use some help and support.

Wedding DayWedding day

A woman’s wedding day is one of the most important days of her life. Every bride wants to know that she looks her best when she walks down the aisle. But with so much forward planning involved it’s easy to overlook your own health and fitness as the big day draws ever closer. Focus on your fitness and nutritional health but also learn to bring your body back into balance by improving your posture giving you the confidence to walk down the aisle with a spring in your step, bursting with pride. And hubby will know he’s definitely made the right choice.

Party of the century

A summer bash, a Christmas do, a 30th, your son’s tea party…any kind of party deserves glittering gorgeousness. Especially if that LBD is due to make an appearance. Toning with a bit of groaning never hurt anyone if you want it enough. And you don’t have to dread it. It can and will be fun, full of energy with a few laughs along the way, and if you like…finished off with a deep or gentle massage to smooth those curves in all the right places.

HolidayHoliday in Hawaii

It’s that time of year again. Why does it always seem to come round soooooo quickly? It seems like only the other day we were eating mince pies and stuffing…and don’t those jeans still know it. So.... immediate action needs to take place. That bod will never have looked so good. Like a scene from a Bond film, suavely swaggering out of the sea in a shapely cut swimsuit…the Personal Trainers at Yummi Scrummi can picture it now and WILL help you achieve it.

A hot date

Oh my god! You’re meeting him on Thursday (the new Friday). What do you wear, how should you have your hair, smart, casual, sexy, sophisticated….too much to think about. The Sex in the City girls make it look so easy! At least you don’t have to worry that you won't be able to squeeze into what you decide to wear. Yummi Scrummi will take care of that part.

BabyBefore baby, after baby

Having a baby can be a daunting time. A woman’s body is going to change in so many ways, up, down, left and right. Our Yummi Scrummi Personal Trainers will design a programme incorporating diet and exercise that will take you through the trimesters safely feeling healthy, fit and sexy….oh, and of course, being the Yummiest Mummi of them all.

The Easter Bunny

Oh yes, comes a very close second to the amount we eat at Christmas. But this time, it’s purely CHOCOLATE! White chocolate, dark chocolate, luxurious and organic containing raspberry pieces chocolate…chocolate, chocolate everywhere! No matter how hard we try we just can’t resist the delicious melting sensation, the sharp, distinctive taste as soon as it hits the tongue. And why shouldn’t we?! With the right amount of exercise and compensatory nutritional plan, then who says we can’t let our indulgences take over once in a while…just not every day!