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What is a pulled hamstring or hamstring strain?
A hamstring strain or a pulled hamstring as it is sometimes called is a tear in one or more of the hamstrings muscles. Strictly speaking there are three hamstring muscles (Semi-tendinosus, Semi-membranosus and Biceps Femoris), which are known as the hamstring muscle group.

What could the causes be?
Warming up/cooling down/stretching off
Hamstring strength: Similar studies have shown that lack of hamstring strength is strongly linked to a susceptibility to a pulled hamstring
Tiredness and fitness

deep massage - hamstring example

Symptoms of a pulled hamstring:
A sudden sharp pain at the back of the leg during exercise - sprinting or high velocity movements
Hamstring muscles going into spasm - will be associated with pain on stretch and contraction If the rupture is severe a gap in the muscle may be felt
Swelling and bruising

Severity of a pulled hamstring:
Strains are graded 1, 2 or 3 depending on severity. Grade 1 consists of minor tears within the muscle. A grade 2 is a partial tear in the muscle and grade 3 is a severe or complete rupture of the muscle.

Grade 1: What does it feel like?
May have tightness in the posterior thigh
Probably able to walk normally however will be aware of some discomfort
Lying on front and trying to bend the knee against resistance probably won't produce much pain
Minimal swelling

Grade 2: What does it feel like?
Gait will be affected-limp may be present
May be associated with occasional sudden twinges of pain during activity
May notice swelling
Pressure increases pain
Flexing the knee against resistance causes pain
Might be unable to fully straighten the knee

Grade 3: What does it feel like?
Walking severely affected - may need walking aids such as crutches
Severe pain - particularly during activity such as knee flexion
Noticeable swelling visible immediately


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